Orthodontic Or Clear Correct Aligner

Both orthodontics treatments have the same function of correcting or modifying the Dentadure.

These irregularities can be visualized with a Dental X- Ray, Detailing the position, shape, the separation between teeth, positioning of the jaws, relationship and function of the dentomaxillofacial structures, all this corrects braces and we will indicated what should be corrected, to have healthy smile, but also the patient will indicate that they want to improve.

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There is an age limit or what age this treatment can be started?

The recommended age is between 9 and 13 years,  old since the decision to place and align the teeth at this stage, helps to avoid oral diseases and to decay. However there is no age limit to correct teeth. 

denture correction with braces
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First we will talk about this procedure is formed by the combination of metal or ceramic brackets, elements glued to the teeth, and metal arches that cross them. Fixed appliances have the ability to move each and every tooth individually in any direction, wich is not the case with other appliances.


Among the Metal Braces there is According the choice

Brackets can be visible, like metallic ones, or aesthetic ones like ceramic ones that are translucent or transparent and adhere to the outer surface of the teeth taking or their color. They can be placed on the external or internal face of the tooth (lingual orthodontics)

How Long can This Treatment Last? 

The duration could be between 1 year or 3 years, depending on the case, and comply with the control periods



Another procedure could be Invisible orthodontics is an excellent option if you want to correct some tooth defects, but without them being noticed.

Because a series of custom-made comfortable aligners to give you noticeably straighter teeth instead of metal bars and brackets.


Once the study is carried out, then models of the mouth are taken and a virtual treatment is created using 3D software, planning the movement of each of the teeth from their current position to the deseired position.

The transparent and custom made aligners are made and will be changed periodically for a progressive straightening of the teeth

The aligners will gradually achieve the movements of the teeth, being necessary to change them approximately every two weeks

Benefits of ordodontics without braces:

  • They are more aesthetic.
  • They are more hygienic.
  • They are more comfortable
  • its planning and predictability is more exact
dental medical equipment
dental medical equipment

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