One of the most used procedures by dentists everywhere in the world.  This treatment focuses on the root canals or roots of the tooth, in which the total extraction of the dental pulp is carried out, disinfected, cleaned, and then replaced with different materials or fillings to mimic the original shape and function of the tooth.

Why is a Root Canal Performed?

Root canals are performed on teeth with deep cavities. These cavities have been there for so long that generated infection, later inflammation, and eventually necrosis (death) of the dental pulp. 

What is the Dental Pulp

The dental pulp is the innermost part of the tooth, and where the nerves and blood vessels meet. The inflammation of the pulp usually manifests itself with pain, which can be on different occasions: in the face, in certain head positions, when eating or drinking, etc.

The type of pain will give signals to Dr. Jagadeesh about the best solution to our problem.

Root Canal Illustration
root canal
root canal

What is the Root Canal?

Endodontics is, as we have said, the total removal of the pulp or nerve of the tooth. It is a  cleaning procedure for the root canal system in which bacteria and necrotic tissue are removed to make the canal as aseptic as possible. It is done in different phases:

  • Diagnosis: Dr. Jagagadeesh will consider where the pain is, what the patient feels, intensity, and others factors. In addition, X-Rays are taken to asses the damage and solution.
  • Anesthesia: the anesthesia used in this type of intervention is local, affecting only the tooth to be treated and the surrounding area. 
  • Opening and isolation of the piece: a hole is made in the crown of the tooth through which the pulp is accessed for extraction and the tooth is isolated from the entire body.
  • Conductometry and instrumentation; is the procedure for cleaning the ducts to make them ascetic or clean.
  • Obturation: it is the sealing phase of the tooth, through which the canals that have been cleaned are closed, leaving the piece fully desensitized.
  • Control: a subsequent x-ray and observation by the dentist to verify the effectiveness of the intervention. It is usually followed for a few weeks or months

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