Teeth whitening is an aesthetic dental treatment that reduces the original color of the teeth by several shades, leaving teeth whiter and brighter.

We at Park West Dental will brighten your smile with teeth whitening, which will make a big change to yellowing teeth.

young man with a perfectly white smile


Whitening can generally take an hour in the office, with which the patient already sees import changes and a complementary treatment at home is indicated.

And if i have resins, do they also bleach?

Whitening has no effect on any type of restorations, these being: amalgams, restorations made with halogen light (resins or white fillings) inlays and crown or bridges. Inthe event that the patient presents this type of repair in the anterior sector, above all, the whitening is performed and after that, the restorations that have not changed their color are replaced. In order to replace these restorations, it is necessary to wait approximately 15 days for the colors obtained with the bleaching to stabilize.

The Duration of the Whitening
Will depend on the characteristics of the teeth but it can last approximately one year, according to the habits of the patient, it can last more or less time

Recommendations after Whitening

  • Brush your teeth after every meal.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Reduce the consumption of tea coffee or food with dyes.
  • Use Dental Floss, and brush your teeth mopre netly at night
  • It is not recommended to use whitening paste more than twice a week, as they damage tooth enamel


dental medical equipment
dental medical equipment

Why choose Park West Dental?

Because you will feel comfortable, safe and you will have personalized attention with a single Dr. Jagadeesh who will take care of your oral health. He has experience caring for his patients for more than 20 years. Offering quality in all its services:

  • General check-ups
  • Dental Implants or bridge.
  • Dental crowns 
  • Root canal
  • Bruxism Treatment
  • Whitening and cleaning
  • Veneers resin or ceramic.
  • Braces or clear correct aligner
  • Child-friendly care.

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