A fixed dental bridge is a composition of dental crowns joined together, replacing the space of the missing teeth. The adjacent natural teeth support this. At the same time, there are occasions where there is just one missing tooth, and instead of multiple teeth, just a Crown will act as an individual natural tooth.

At Park West Dental, we will try to present multiple materials options, all with the utmost quality, and offer a natural look and perdurable solution.


It is another alternative when you lack one more tooth. It is more accessible than an implant to have it within the options.

To opt for a dental bridge, you must use healthy adjacent teeth to make it. A tooth must be carved to support the said bridge. 

Thus, the bridge is a less conservative and in most cases cheaper treatment than the implant.

fractured tooth
fractured tooth

Before making a crown or bridge, the dentist must reduce the size of the tooth or teeth so that the crown or bridge will fit correctly over it.

The dentist will then take a dental impression to provide an exact mold for the crown or bridge.

While the permanent crown or bridge is being performed, a temporary crown or bridge will cover the prepared tooth.

dental bridge crowns
dental bridge crowns

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Park West Dental Team
Park West Dental Team