Orthodontic or Clear Correct Aligner

Park West Dental will be with you throughout your dental alignment process; we will strive for the best outcome and result, thinking about your time, current state, and budget.


There is an age limit, or can this treatment be started at what age?

The recommended age is between 9 and 13 years. However, there is no age limit to correct teeth. 

Have both orthodontics treatments the same result?

Clear Aligners and Braces have the same goal. The approach is different, and the results, cost, and time invested will vary depending on the treatment.

denture correction with braces
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Metal or ceramic brackets are glued to the teeth, crossing metal arches. Fixed appliances can move each tooth individually in any direction, which is not the case with other appliances. Brackets can be visible, like metallic ones or aesthetic ones like ceramic ones.


How Long Can This Treatment Last? 

The duration could be between one year to three years, depending on the case, and comply with the control periods.



The invisible orthodontics is an excellent option if you want to correct some tooth defects without noticing them, mainly because you will wear the treatment while you sleep.


Models of the mouth are taken, and a virtual treatment is created using 3D software, planning the movement of each of the teeth from their current position to the desired position.

The aligners are transparent and custom-made. They will need to be changed periodically for progressive teeth straightening. 

At Park West Dental, we will constantly check the progress and reevaluate the course of action if necessary.

Dr. Jagadeesh

Why choose Park West Dental?

Because you will feel comfortable and have personalized attention from Dr. Jagadeesh. He has experience caring for his patients for more than 20 years. Offering quality in all its services:

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