Veneers of Resine or ceramic

Veneers are an excellent option to design the smile of your dreams.

But, more specifically, veneers are a recommended option when the patient meets the following three assumptions:

  1. They are not satisfied with the color, size, shape, or position of their teeth. 
  2. You don`t want to undergo lengthy dental treatment orthodontics.
  3. The cost of other options like dental implants is out of your budget.

That is why Park West Dental will design the smile of your dreams with dental veneers. We will choose the most natural look (color, size, angle) aligned with the best materials in the market. 

she is a pretty woman with her veneers which perfects her smile
she is a pretty woman with her veneers which perfects her smile

What to do before:

Before proceeding to restore a smile with veneers, we have to consider factors like these:

      • Periodontal health and deep mouth cleaning and
      • Future Dental Whitening
      • Facial analysis
      • Smile analysis.
      • Occlusion (the position of your teeth once the mouth is closed).

Obstacles of using veneers

      • Not enough substrate on your tooth/teeth to guarantee adherence.
      • Being in need of other dental treatments that should receive priority
      • Excessive space (rarely the case).
dental revision before veneers
oral health

Types of Veneers:

    • Composite veneers: are a dental aesthetic treatment; it is a thin layer of synthetic resin that adheres to the tooth. We apply the material in its visible part and shape it until the desired appearance. Life can vary from five to seven years with scheduled maintenance and care.
    • Porcelain veneers: it consists of gluing small sheets of porcelain with a variable thickness on the outer face of the tooth. This method provides a more aesthetic appearance to the smile. Its duration can range between 18 and 20 years.
veneer procedure, noticeable changes
Veneers resin or ceramic

Why choose Park West Dental?

Because you will feel comfortable, safe and you will have personalized attention with a single Dr. Jagadeesh who will take care of your oral health. He has experience caring for his patients for more than 20 years. Offering quality in all its services:

      • General check-ups
      • Dental Implants or bridge.
      • Dental crowns 
      • Root canal
      • Bruxism Treatment
      • Whitening and cleaning
      • Veneers resin or ceramic.
      • Braces or clear correct aligner
      • Child-friendly care.

Do you want to know more about which treatment is the most suitable for you?

Contact us and we will give you the best alternatives to show off your perfect smile.