We offer a number of cosmetic procedures to improve your smile. One commonly considered treatment that patients enjoy is teeth whitening.

Home teeth whitening is also an option, but you will need to visit your dentist to have specialized trays made. Once the trays are made, you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home for two 30-minute sessions in the evening. In-office tooth whitening uses a specialized bleaching gel to help lighten the enamel of the teeth. Treatment time takes approximately one hour and can whiten teeth up to eight shades whiter. It is a fast, easy, and effective way to address dull and highly discolored teeth due to smoking, food and drink consumption, and the effects of aging.

Tooth whitening at Park West Dental is easy and simple. The patient wears a special mouthpiece to help hold the lips away from the gums and teeth. Then a protective barrier is applied to the gums to keep the whitening solution from affecting them. The barrier material is applied and hardened with a specialized light. Once this has been done, the teeth are then treated with a whitening gel. This gel is brushed onto the surface enamel of the teeth, and is activated with the use of another specialised light. The patient will relax during this period of the treatment as the light activates the bleaching agents in the gel and helps to slowly whiten the enamel.

Once treatment is complete, the dentist will then remove the gum barrier and wash away the existing whitening gel to reveal a whiter, brighter smile underneath. Patients will be able to go about their day with a more brilliant smile than they arrived with, making it one of the fastest, most convenient cosmetic procedures available in our office.

We enjoy offering teeth whitening to patients who want to see fast results and a more brilliant, whiter smile for special events such as weddings and reunions. This is the most effective way to quickly and easily whiten teeth.

If you are considering tooth-whitening treatments, call Park West Dental today to learn more about the benefits and determine if you are a viable candidate for this particular treatment. Teeth whitening is an amazing way to boost your smile and your confidence in just one trip to the dentist’s chair! In chair tooth whitening, costs $300 at Park West Dental.